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I am a jazz/rock fusion guitarist,  retired and now living in Charleston. I'm looking for an opportunity to perform solo jazz guitar in an intimate commercial setting. Examples of my playing can be found under the Repertoire page on this site.

(NOTE: This is a Beta Version of the site. Playing examples are placeholders; original solo examples are in work.)

Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

Mark Alan Altman, aka, Mark Raidillon  

17 South, Charleston, SC 



I’m also looking for some Charleston weekend warrior musicians interested in jazz/rock fusion. 

Specifically, I’m looking for a keyboardist, drummer and bassist to create dynamic, lyrical originals and covers. I would favor a keyboardist who indulges in complex and lush chords, a bassist who thrives on deep, moving, and melodic lines, and a drummer who loves to be experimental. 

I am not a shredder. I am not out to hog the spotlight as many guitarists do. I prefer the keyboardist, bassist and drummer produce the most forceful movements of the composition. I would rather interpret melodies with simple, dramatic and emotional phrasing. I’m no Jeff Beck but many of his solos take this “less is more” approach and that is what I strive for. 

I think the best way to describe the group sound I’m seeking is to point to certain songs that have thrilled and inspired me. 

The first song I ever heard that got me thinking in this direction is the title track from Gino Vannelli’s 1975 Storm At Sunup. If you can get past Gino’s beautiful but overly dramatic singing, you will hear some incredible fusion once the instrumentals kick in. Imagine as if the melody he is singing were being played passionately on the guitar. This song is a prime example of the type of sound and dynamics I have in mind. 

Another example is from Tribal Tech. The Necessary Blond is a cool, structured showcase for the entire band with unique syncopation and riffs. 

If you’ve ever seen the Michael Mann film, Heat, then you have heard Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal perform two searing and lovely contributions to the soundtrack. Check out his composition, The Pleasure Is Mine, I’m Sure, to get a sense of the type of chord structure and melodies I find inspirational and think would be challenging and exciting for a band like this to create. Jeff Beck’s Diamond Dust is in a similar vein. 

Along with the Allman Brothers (especially In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed and Hot ‘Lanta), Carlos Santana was one of the first to explore more complex jazz influenced creations in a rock setting. I find Singing Winds Crying Beasts, Incident At Neshabur, and Aspirations provide a tremendous blueprint for jazz rock fusion. 

A particular favorite that also goes way back is Franks Zappa’s 1976 title track Zoot Allures

Before you get to thinking that I am mired in the past, nothing could be further from the truth. A number of my originals are inspired from video game soundtracks. Dream World from Gran Turismo 5 and King from Tekken 3 are stellar examples. 

If you’re interested in a challenge like this, I’d love to hear from you. 



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